tutoring services offered

Type Description Price
Traditional Tutoring One-on-one meetings. Student brings the paper(s) that is/are being worked on, and we go over them together. Primary goal is to help correct faults in the student's writing skills; secondary goal is to fix the paper itself. Most advisable for those in the local area (North San Diego County).
$15 per hour
Meeting times can be arranged for 1/2 - hour, 1-hour, or 2-hour periods
Paper Editing/Proofreading No one-on-one meetings; papers emailed to me are corrected (with corrections noted and further suggestions given) in Microsoft Word and emailed back to the client. $5 per page
(1 page = 300 words)
Long-Distance Tutoring A combination of paper evaluations and subsequent phone conferences. As with Paper Editing, papers are emailed to me and corrected before phone meeting. Please allow adequate time for me to review paper(s) before our meeting. Recommended method for those not in the local area. Phone conferencing: $10 per hour + Paper editing: $5 per page
(drops to $3/page if the paper is more than 5 pages long)
Personalized Tutoring Sessions If none of the above options meets your needs, contact me for more information. This can span from assistance with a grammar textbook to individualized history lessons. Depends on services requested

Payment Methods

Currently, by check. PayPal may come into play later on, but not in the foreseeable future. Please make checks payable to Chelsea Nygaard, and put "TFT" or "Themelios Tutorials" in the memo line.

For Traditional Tutoring

If tutoring is not a regularly scheduled event or a long-term arrangement, please pay after each meeting. If tutoring is regularly scheduled and long-term, please pay at the beginning of the month, for the month's worth of meetings.

For Paper Editing

Please send the check as soon as you email the document(s). I will edit the paper, but will not send the corrected version until I have received payment.

For Long-Distance Tutoring

Once we have set up a conference time, please send the check for the number of pages and length of the scheduled meeting immediately.

Cancellation Policy

Please give me at least a 24-hour warning if you need to cancel. If you have already paid, I will return your check. However, if the notification comes less than 24 hours in advance, I will require payment for one hour. If I cancel, I will refund payment for the meeting.